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I've been painting murals for almost 20 years. My work is on display all over California in many schools, businesses, and homes. My clients consistently tell me that my murals have exceeded their expectations, and rave about them to their friends and coworkers! 

I use only the highest quality mural-specific paints, ensuring the brightest and most lightfast colors possible. No cheap spray paint. No house paint. Only the highest quality materials possible. These murals are made to last for many years without fading or peeling.

All outdoor murals are then covered with a 2 part protective coating:

  • Muralshield UV and weather coating - A bombproof coating that protects the mural from anything mother nature can throw at it! This is a serious professional grade coating that is made to last many years. Combine that with the already very durable paints that Yeshe uses, and you have a mural that will be looking fresh for a very long time! 
  • World's Best Graffiti Coating - An invisible and removable layer that goes on top of the permanent Muralshield varnish. This layer can be easily washed off with a pressure washer, along with any graffiti that has been painted or drawn on the mural. Then the graffiti coating is reapplied, and the mural is safe again! 

Interested in a free quote?

Email me at with:

  • The dimensions of your wall - as precise as possible, height x width (in inches and/or feet).  
  • A photo of the wall - it doesn't need to be a great shot, just good enough that I can see the area around the wall and what my access to it will look like.
  • A description of what you'd like to have painted. Photos can be helpful, but are not necessary. Just tell me what you're thinking, and we can make if happen. Let your imagination run wild, I can paint just about anything! :D
  • Your location. I'm happy to travel to you, wherever in the world you need some art!

Feel free to call me at 831-706-6580 during business hours if you prefer to chat on the phone about it!


Recent Murals:

Johnnie's Supermarket, Boulder Creek CA

Private residence, Mendocino county

Boulder Creek Elementary School, Boulder Creek CA 

East Cliff Brewing Company, Santa Cruz CA


 Jersey Mike's Sandwiches, Santa Cruz CA

San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School, Felton CA

Private Residence, Santa Cruz county