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About Me

 My great loves have always been art and nature.

was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Forests full of towering redwood trees and the nearby Monterey Bay gave me endless opportunities to connect with and be inspired by nature. At San Lorenzo Valley High School I took my first art class, and have been painting wildlife, landscapes, and seascapes ever since. I feel like the only way to express the depth of my love for nature is to paint it. 

 I majored in art at Humboldt State University, and graduated in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in studio art. While at school I was focused mainly on learning the classic techniques of realistic painting. It seemed amazing to me that colors applied to a 2 dimensional canvas could create a 3 dimensional world. 


 I love to travel all over central California, and almost always have my easel or my camera with me. My plans for the near future are to venture further on my journeys, and expand my portfolio in new and exciting directions.